Home Improvement

5 Home Improvement Projects for the New Year

For the upcoming new year,  make your home improvement resolutions a reality. Commit to FINALLY getting some long-awaited projects done, and be at peace in your home. For any small or major endeavor, Conner Exteriors is here to help. Here are five great suggestions for home improvement projects.

Get That New Front Door Already!

Your home’s front door may be past its prime and in need of replacement. During the winter months, solid, sealed doors are especially important. Conner can provide all kinds of new replacement doors to fit any need and style. Don’t put it off; it’s just too easy to get done when you use Conner Exteriors!


It’s the coldest season of the year, and your house must be prepared. Make sure it’s clear of any holes, openings, etc. in order to keep the heat in. Weatherstripping is a crucial step in preparation for the upcoming season. Also, go beyond and ensure your house is cozy and warm with double-glazed windows which provide an extra layer of comfort, insulation, and protection.

What About the Outside?

A home’s exterior is rarely given the TLC it needs. Consider updating the aesthetic and investing in new vinyl siding which can drastically improve the look and curb appeal of your home. Connor Exterior’s vinyl siding is professionally installed, beautiful, and so worth it. Plus, Conner Exteriors offers a Lifetime Labor and Materials Warranty on its vinyl siding.

Update Those Windows

Your home may still have its original windows which often are not nearly as insulating or safe as they should be; not to mention they don’t always look nice. Start bringing your home to its full potential. Conner offers a range of replacement windows that are sure to make your home look like new. Windows also have a Lifetime Labor and Materials Warranty at Conner Exteriors.

Increase Your Curb Appeal

Conner offers many services that greatly increase the curb appeal, as well as the value, of your home. In addition to redoing the vinyl siding of the exterior of your house, consider adding a sunroom or patio. Any option you choose will be completed with guaranteed satisfaction.

Conner is willing to help with any and all home improvement projects. For more information or ideas for improvements you can make to your home, don’t hesitate to contact us. We offer a Lifetime Warranty on all services and products, as well as guaranteed excellence and expertise.