Window Company Lakeland

Get Your Home Holiday Ready With Window Company Lakeland

Christmas is around the corner, and it’s time to set the scene!  But when you think about decorating your windows, does it have you searching for a window company, Lakeland? Your windows are not only the perfect holiday backdrop, but they are an essential line of defense for your home, as they keep the hot… Read more »

Enclosures, Lakeland

Refresh Your Porch This Fall With Enclosures, Lakeland Homeowners

About this time of year, we begin making holiday plans and deciding whether to host family and friends in our homes. Before making the decision and extending invitations, most of us take a good look at our homes and wonder if we have enough space to comfortably accommodate guests. Perhaps you’ve considered using your outdoor… Read more »

Replacement Doors

Hurricane Preparation: Is it Time for Replacement Doors in Your Home?

We are right in the middle of Florida’s hurricane season, which runs from June to November. If you are like most local homeowners, preparing for Hurricane Irma forced you to take a good, honest look at the exterior doors and windows of your home. Windows are an obvious vulnerability, but doors are an often-overlooked component… Read more »

Siding Contractor, Lakeland

Have You Hired the Right Siding Contractor, Lakeland?

Vinyl siding is a relatively new technology for protecting your home from the elements. Introduced in the 1950s, vinyl siding has come a long way in terms of aesthetics and functionality, and today’s siding is a popular option for homeowners. Installed by the right professionals, siding can last 20-40 years. But here’s the question: Have… Read more »

Energy-Efficient Windows

Components of Energy-Efficient Windows

As homeowners, we have heard about the benefits of replacing our old windows with new, energy-efficient windows. However, many of us don’t understand what actually makes windows efficient. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, new and energy-efficient windows eventually pay for themselves through lower heating and cooling costs. Today’s windows are far superior to… Read more »


Three Reasons Sunrooms Transform A Home

At Conner, we have the perfect solution for summer. We’ve custom-built countless sunrooms for our clients, and they will attest that adding on a sunroom is a worthy investment.   The average temperature in Florida is 80°F, which means summer temperatures can top out at over 100 degrees. When soaring temps are combined with Florida’s… Read more »

Screen Rooms

Enjoy the Outdoors Year-Round With Porch Screen Rooms

Many of us love spending our Florida evenings outdoors, but we don’t enjoy the company of insects or the chance of a rainstorm. Conner has a great solution to this dilemma: screen rooms. Screen rooms have become a way of life in Florida because they allow homeowners to use their outdoor spaces year-round. Why not… Read more »

Replacement Windows, Lakeland

Four Design Trends for Your Replacement Windows, Lakeland

If you’re like us and enjoy watching home improvement shows on HGTV, you have surely noticed that windows can make a huge difference in a home’s appearance, energy efficiency, and value. Shows such as Fixer Upper and Rehab Addict frequently discuss the importance of windows, and we couldn’t agree more. As homeowners, we would love… Read more »

Window Replacement, Lakeland

Is It Time For a Window Replacement, Lakeland Homeowners?

Have you already started thinking about a window replacement project to improve the look of your home, preserve household items, reduce energy costs, boost security, or repair the crack that’s been driving you crazy? Whatever the reason, you’ve probably noticed that not all windows are the same, and replacing them involves a lot of decisions…. Read more »

Energy Efficient Windows

Energy Efficient Windows

It may be winter, but not in Florida! Whatever the weather, it’s important to ensure that your home is well insulated from the elements. So you probably know what we are going to say — energy efficient windows are key in protecting your home and conserving costs. In the summer, we discussed how replacement windows… Read more »