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Lakeland sunroom

Build a Lakeland Sunroom Sanctuary with Conner

Whether you build a Lakeland sunroom to increase the value of your home, to enjoy with your family and friends, or both, an enclosure addition can become the highlight of your home. If your house has existing extra space, you can add a sunroom with Conner. However, you can also add a sunroom if you… Read more »

Window installation lakeland

Window Installation Lakeland | Why Choose Conner?

When you are looking for a company for window installation, Lakeland, there are so many reasons to choose Conner as your replacement window company. Replacement windows bring increased energy efficiency, insulation and UV protection to your home. Window installation can also boost your home’s curb appeal. Conner has been in the business of window installation,… Read more »

Doors Lakeland

Protect Your Home with Replacement Doors, Lakeland

A great way to boost the safety of your home is with replacement doors, Lakeland. Secure doors protect your home from intruders and weather. All of your exterior doors contribute to the security of your home; however, your front door is your home’s main access point. Therefore, it is your home’s first defense. Your front… Read more »

vinyl siding lakeland

Vinyl Siding Lakeland: Lasting Through Every Holiday Season

If long-lasting, low-maintenance exterior siding would keep fewer projects on your to-do list, consider vinyl siding, Lakeland, as your next update. Replacing existing siding with updated vinyl is a smart investment for homeowners. Picture a long-lasting exterior! Vinyl siding is durable. It also comes in a wide variety of styles.  Some home exteriors can get… Read more »

Energy-Efficient Windows

Five Reasons You Need Energy-Efficient Windows

Every homeowner looking to save money on their energy bills should make sure their home has energy-efficient windows. Many homes start off with “builder grade” windows, and many homeowners don’t update them unless they want to change the look of their exterior. However, energy-efficient windows can be updated to improve much more than just the… Read more »

screen room Lakeland

Enjoy the Fall Season with a Custom Screen Room, Lakeland

Transform your porch, patio, deck, or spare room into a custom screen room, Lakeland. During the fall season, when bugs and falling leaves are getting in everyone else’s way, a custom screen room can be the most enjoyable room of your house. Enjoy Your Custom Conner Screen Room In Florida, when the heat of the… Read more »

door replacement

Door Replacement Company Tips: Why Updated Doors are Essential

When you know it’s time for a door replacement, you might be hoping to change the aesthetics of your front door. However, have you considered all of the other benefits of door replacement? Door replacement extends beyond your front door. You can also replace secondary doors, which are any secondary entrances to your home. These… Read more »


Five Benefits of Adding a Sunroom To Your Home

A sunroom is known as a “Florida room” because Florida offers such great weather for enjoying sunrooms. In Florida, adding living space that takes advantage of the sunshine is a great way to make the most of living in the “Sunshine State.” Homebuyers seek homes with enclosures for many reasons. Here are our top five… Read more »

Screen Enclosures Lakeland

Three Reasons To Have Screen Enclosures, Lakeland

Adding a screen enclosure onto your home is a great investment in your home’s value and square footage. It’s a simple addition that goes a long way, and many people add screen rooms to turn spare rooms into relaxing indoor/outdoor spaces. Most people don’t have spare rooms in their houses, but many homeowners in Florida… Read more »

Is It Time For A Door Installation Project?

Is it time to update your secondary exterior doors? June is the beginning of another hurricane season here in Polk County. Every year during this time, residents’ homes face severe weather. If your doors have faced years of wear since they were last updated, it might be time to consider replacing some of your exterior… Read more »

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