Vinyl Siding: 3 Reasons Florida Homeowners Should Choose Vinyl Siding

vinyl siding lakeland

Florida’s rain and humidity are known to do some real damage to home exteriors that aren’t protected by vinyl siding. If you’ve ever come home to rotting, rusting, or damaged siding, you know how troublesome it is to have to upkeep an inadequate exterior. Metal and wood siding can be expensive ...

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Add a Pergola or Carport to Your 2018 Wishlist


2017 is quickly coming to a close, and it’s time to start planning for the home improvement projects you will take on next year. January often reminds people about the projects that never got done the year before, but at the same token, the month serves as a fresh start. From a carport to ...

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Have You Hired the Right Siding Contractor, Lakeland?

Siding Contractor, Lakeland

Vinyl siding is a relatively new technology for protecting your home from the elements. Introduced in the 1950s, vinyl siding has come a long way in terms of aesthetics and functionality, and today’s siding is a popular option for homeowners. Installed by the right professionals, siding can ...

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5 Home Improvement Projects for the New Year

Home Improvement

For the upcoming new year,  make your home improvement resolutions a reality. Commit to FINALLY getting some long-awaited projects done, and be at peace in your home. For any small or major endeavor, Conner Exteriors is here to help. Here are five great suggestions for home improvement ...

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The Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Windows and Doors This Fall

Windows and Doors Replacement

Are you looking for a home improvement project to do this fall? We have a great idea that will add value to your home and make an immediate impact on its exterior – upgrade your windows and doors this Fall. At Conner, we have a wide selection of windows and doors that will complement any...

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Window Contractor Lakeland FL

Window Contractor

Many homeowners start the new year with a long list of home-improvement projects. Since your house is often your greatest investment, it’s imperative that you invest in maintenance projects to preserve the value of your home. Replacing your windows is a simple change that has a big impact. With ...

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Home Improvement Lakeland

Serving Lakeland since 1979, Conner Exteriors & More was founded by Allen Conner under the guiding principles of trust, value, service, and respect. Family owned and operated, the team at Conner guarantees “absolute customer satisfaction” and is committed to their goal “not only of home ...

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Front Door Replacement Lakeland FL

Autumn has swept into town, and has brought with it the beauty of the season! Whether or not the leaves are changing in your backyard, your entryway can be simply spruced up to welcome the fall and winter holidays. By updating your doorway for the season, you can boost your curb appeal, while ...

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Install Vinyl Siding Lakeland FL

Vinyl Siding Lakeland

Homeownership brings about a long list of items to keep up with, and the smartest homeowners know that small improvements that are long lasting, low maintenance, and aesthetically appealing are the ones that should be at the top of the list. One simple improvement that can significantly ...

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