Three Benefits of Conner Screen Enclosures

Screen Enclosures

Have you ever thought about the possibility of adding a screen enclosure to your house? They make for a wonderful addition to any home in Florida and are perfect for the upcoming spring weather. Screen enclosures are great for entertaining guests or just having a personal quiet space where you ...

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Is It Time for New Doors?


It’s a brand-new year, and with it comes hopes that this year will be even better than the last. You’ve conquered another year, but how well have your doors held up? Your doors have gone through many seasons too, and you may have noticed that they have changed a bit, especially if you’ve had ...

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Add a Pergola or Carport to Your 2018 Wishlist


2017 is quickly coming to a close, and it’s time to start planning for the home improvement projects you will take on next year. January often reminds people about the projects that never got done the year before, but at the same token, the month serves as a fresh start. From a carport to ...

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Have You Hired the Right Siding Contractor, Lakeland?

Siding Contractor, Lakeland

Vinyl siding is a relatively new technology for protecting your home from the elements. Introduced in the 1950s, vinyl siding has come a long way in terms of aesthetics and functionality, and today’s siding is a popular option for homeowners. Installed by the right professionals, siding can ...

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Energy Efficient Windows

Energy Efficient Windows

It may be winter, but not in Florida! Whatever the weather, it’s important to ensure that your home is well insulated from the elements. So you probably know what we are going to say — energy efficient windows are key in protecting your home and conserving costs. In the summer, we discussed how ...

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5 Home Improvement Projects for the New Year

Home Improvement

For the upcoming new year,  make your home improvement resolutions a reality. Commit to FINALLY getting some long-awaited projects done, and be at peace in your home. For any small or major endeavor, Conner Exteriors is here to help. Here are five great suggestions for home improvement ...

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Achieve the Perfect Sunroom with the Best Window Contractor in Lakeland

Lakeland Window Contractor

So, you’ve decided you want to let some more light into your life with a custom-built sunroom. The next step is enlisting the help of experienced professionals to help create your vision. Luckily, here at Conner, we’re on hand to help make your dreams a reality. We’ve been around since 1979, so ...

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Why choose Conner for your window installation

If you’re thinking about all things window installation this summer, then Lakeland’s very own Conner could be the perfect match for you. Getting the right windows for your home is one of those big decisions that doesn’t come around too often, so naturally you want to make the best decision you ...

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Window Replacement Lakeland FL

Woman Opening a Window

Windows are an important part of the essential foundations that make up your home. Having robust, quality windows can make a big difference hot summer days. Windows can often be overlooked, but if your windows aren’t giving you a comfortable, secure home, then it can become a noticeable burden. ...

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Energy Efficient Windows Lakeland

Little Girl Hugging her Dog By a Window

If you’re inside on a hot day, then it can be difficult to get comfortable when your house feels too warm. Over time, it can really take its toll on you and can lead to dissatisfaction with your living environment. The good news is that there are lots of ways you can keep cool in...

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