Vinyl Siding Lakeland: Lasting Through Every Holiday Season

vinyl siding lakeland

If long-lasting, low-maintenance exterior siding would keep fewer projects on your to-do list, consider vinyl siding, Lakeland, as your next update. Replacing existing siding with updated vinyl is a smart investment for homeowners. Picture a long-lasting exterior! Vinyl siding is durable. It ...

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Five Benefits of Adding a Sunroom To Your Home


A sunroom is known as a “Florida room” because Florida offers such great weather for enjoying sunrooms. In Florida, adding living space that takes advantage of the sunshine is a great way to make the most of living in the “Sunshine State.” Homebuyers seek homes with enclosures for many reasons. ...

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Is It Time For a Window Replacement, Lakeland Homeowners?

Window Replacement, Lakeland

Have you already started thinking about a window replacement project to improve the look of your home, preserve household items, reduce energy costs, boost security, or repair the crack that’s been driving you crazy? Whatever the reason, you’ve probably noticed that not all windows are the ...

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5 Home Improvement Projects for the New Year

Home Improvement

For the upcoming new year,  make your home improvement resolutions a reality. Commit to FINALLY getting some long-awaited projects done, and be at peace in your home. For any small or major endeavor, Conner Exteriors is here to help. Here are five great suggestions for home improvement ...

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Keep the Heat in with Windows and Doors

Conner Windows and Doors

We all know how tough it can be to keep your home warm in the wintertime, not to mention the expense! There are a few key things to note in order to keep the heat in with windows and doors, etc., while keeping the costs down. Weatherstripping First, be sure that your windows and doors...

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New Door Installation Lakeland FL

With an array of options ranging from traditional hardwood to more contemporary metal, doors make your house a home. While they may not seem exciting, doors are more significant than you might think, and getting them replaced can inevitably impact the safety, value, and expense of your ...

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Install Bay Windows Lakeland FL

A window replacement is a great way to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient, but it can also prove beneficial in boosting its curb appeal. This is especially true if you have older windows that may have fallen into disrepair. However, even if there is technically nothing wrong ...

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Window Contractor Lakeland FL

Window Contractor

Many homeowners start the new year with a long list of home-improvement projects. Since your house is often your greatest investment, it’s imperative that you invest in maintenance projects to preserve the value of your home. Replacing your windows is a simple change that has a big impact. With ...

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Install Vinyl Siding Lakeland FL

Vinyl Siding Lakeland

Homeownership brings about a long list of items to keep up with, and the smartest homeowners know that small improvements that are long lasting, low maintenance, and aesthetically appealing are the ones that should be at the top of the list. One simple improvement that can significantly ...

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Screen Rooms: Bringing the Outdoors In

Screen Rooms in Lakeland Conner

The addition of a screen room on your home is a terrific way to enjoy the outdoors, while offering protection from some of the less appealing elements that mother nature has to offer. Some of the benefits of adding a screen room to your home are: Screen Rooms Offer Protection from the Elements ...

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