Is It Time for New Doors?

It’s a brand-new year, and with it comes hopes that this year will be even better than the last. You’ve conquered another year, but how well have your doors held up?

Your doors have gone through many seasons too, and you may have noticed that they have changed a bit, especially if you’ve had the same doors in your home for several years.

Old doors can compromise the integrity of your home as they may allow unwanted weather, bugs, and guests to come into your home.

At Conner, we pride ourselves in our commitment to enhancing the quality and comfort of our customers’ homes, and one of the ways we ensure this is standard in your home is through new replacement doors.

There are several ways to determine whether or not it’s time to update the old doors in your home. Here are some of the signals to watch out for when considering replacement doors.

1. Water Damage

Rain isn’t the only culprit that you need to watch out for. Condensation from humidity can build up on your doors and run into the wood. After years of this water buildup, your doors can start to show significant damage. If your old doors are not sealed properly the water can sink permanently into the wood and begin to rot away your doors and trim. If the damage goes untreated for long periods of time your doors can start to fall apart, leaving big holes and exposing your home to more of nature’s elements.

2. Cracking Doors

Fluctuating temperatures can cause wood to shrink and expand rapidly throughout seasons. If your doors have been exposed to these constant changes, they can begin to form deep cracks in the wood. If the cracks are substantial enough, it can cause the heat and air conditioning in your home to flow out of your doors, which could lead your home’s heating and cooling equipment to overcompensate for the loss of energy efficiency.

3. Warped Wood

After years of humidity and heat, wood doors can begin to warp from their original shape. When the wood changes, it can begin to pull away from the hinges and locks on your doors. Not only does this leave your door less sturdy, but having weak door security may also make it easier for people to break into your home. Well-placed and secure doors can help cut down on these risks.

4. Outdated Glass Panels

Some older door designs only have single-paned glass built into them. Modern doors often layer the glass panels in order to block out wind and chilly temperatures since glass does not typically insulate as well as wood. The extra layers of glass panels in Conner replacement doors can help make your entryway warmer and less vulnerable to wind and moisture seeping in.  

5. Improperly Sealed Doors

New doors often include new rubber seals that help keep your home weather resistant all season long. The rubber sealers are installed around the edges of your doors to ensure that no water will drip into the surrounding wood. Fresh, new seals on your new doors can help ensure a dry, moisture-free home.  

If you feel like your current exterior doors fit some of these descriptions, then give us a call at (865) 647-1561. Our team of exterior experts can help update your doors and bring value and extra protection to your home.

Don’t let another year go by with your old doors in your house. See how new improvements can boost your home’s comfort and give you peace of mind.