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Lakeland Home Enclosures

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Enclosures Add Value & Quality to Your Home!

Screen Enclosures LakelandEnclosures by Conner are an excellent way to take better advantage of your home. If you long to spend more time in the sun or need that extra room on the back of your home, these enclosures are the ideal option.

Our trusted team will work with you to create the ideal space for all of your needs. You’ll be impressed with just how many reasons there are to add on to your home and just how easy it can be to do just that.

Enclosures Lakeland

Take Full Advantage of Your Space with Enclosures by Conner

If your home’s backdoor extended into another room, what would you use it as? It might be the perfect place for you to spend Sunday afternoons reading and relaxing. It may be the perfect place for your garden or at least for a few plants that cannot tolerate the outdoor weather. This could become the place you go to entertain guests.

With high-end amenities, it can impress any guest you invite over to your home. It can be a space you use for any need. Make it your music studio, your writing den, or your place to play with the kids. There are no limits on the options available to you here.

Why Add On with an Enclosure by Conner?

Enclosures do more than just provide you with more space. They also can help to improve your home’s value. This type of addition on your home adds more space to it. When done properly, like our team does, it can boost your home’s value while also making your life more enjoyable.

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[li icon=”icon-ok” color=”#91081b”] Do you want to be outdoors more often, but don’t want to be in direct sunlight?[/li]
[li icon=”icon-ok” color=”#91081b”] Do you need more space for the activities you enjoy?[/li]
[li icon=”icon-ok” color=”#91081b”] Do you want that year-round room that you can use for entertainment?[/li]
Enclosures Lakeland

Take a few minutes to contact our professionals. Take a look through some of the past enclosures we have completed. Let our team of experts work with you to customize this space for all of your needs. You’ll find it to be one of the most enjoyable experiences possible. And, we guarantee our work. Our team will work to ensure every detail of your enclosure is considered. And, since we provide a lifetime guarantee on many of our products, you can ensure this is a wise investment.

Imagine what you could do with some more space. How will this change your life? Let our team talk to you about your ideas and get started on your project.

Call today for a FREE estimate: Are you considering adding an enclosure to your home? Are you undecided on whether screen, glass or acrylic is the best option for you? Give us a call at (863) 647-1561 and one of our professionals will be happy to assist you in determining what the best option is for you and your home.

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