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Sunrooms in Lakeland

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Sunrooms: Bring the Beauty of the Outside In

sunrooms lakeland

One of the main advantages of the Sunshine State is its year-round beautiful weather and warm climate. On most days, we find this easy to enjoy; however, for those of us who actually live here, we know that sometimes things aren’t always what they seem! The rain comes quickly and sometimes with little-to-no warning. Bugs and insects tend to want to be the guest of honor at all backyard BBQs. And let’s not even talk about how high that thermometer can climb in the summer months. What’s the solution? How can you truly enjoy the beautiful outdoors all year round? A new sunroom by Conner in Lakeland is the answer you’ve been searching for.

Conner Sunrooms in LakelandSunrooms allow you to surround yourself with beauty in a room that transforms your home into a visual wonderland. Not only do sunrooms offer protection from the elements without losing access to nature, but they can also add curb appeal and value to your home. Whether you want to enjoy an early-morning cup of coffee or host a backyard gathering for friends during the height of summer, a Conner sunroom is a solid investment in your comfort, living space, and value of your home.

At Conner, we’ve been designing beautiful sunrooms for homeowners in Lakeland and Polk County for over 35 years. Knowing the importance of a quality installation, we work with only the finest materials available. You’ll have the opportunity to choose from many different options for both contemporary and traditional styles, designed to complement or update your home’s existing exterior.


Screen Room Benefits:

[ul float=”none” color=”none”]

[li icon=”icon-ok” color=”#91081b”] Expands your living space.[/li]

[li icon=”icon-ok” color=”#91081b”] Opens up your home to the outdoors year-round.[/li]

[li icon=”icon-ok” color=”#91081b”] Adds value to your home.[/li]

[li icon=”icon-ok” color=”#91081b”] Offers protection from the elements.[/li]

[li icon=”icon-ok” color=”#91081b”] Allows exposure to the sun year-round — great for health and well-being.[/li]

[li icon=”icon-ok” color=”#91081b”] Great for entertaining.[/li]



Screen Room Features:

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[li icon=”icon-ok” color=”#91081b”] Energy-efficient insulated glass and walls.[/li]

[li icon=”icon-ok” color=”#91081b”] Maintenance-free aluminum and vinyl construction.[/li]

[li icon=”icon-ok” color=”#91081b”] Many styles and finishes to complement your home’s style.[/li]

[li icon=”icon-ok” color=”#91081b”] Maximum views.[/li]

[li icon=”icon-ok” color=”#91081b”] Natural light.[/li]

Visit our gallery of sunrooms to view our past work and generate ideas for your custom sunroom. Once you’re ready to begin your journey to comfort, call Conner at (863) 647-1561 to speak with us in more detail about adding a spectacular sunroom to your home.

More information and benefits of Conner Sunrooms can be found in our blog post outlining the advantages.