Energy Efficient Windows

Energy Efficient Windows

It may be winter, but not in Florida! Whatever the weather, it’s important to ensure that your home is well insulated from the elements. So you probably know what we are going to say — energy efficient windows are key in protecting your home and conserving costs. In the summer, we discussed how replacement windows are more energy efficient, and the same rule applies year round. Choosing to install replacement windows will improve the comfort of your home while ensuring that you’re not incurring additional energy expenses.

There are ways to make your old windows work for you, but it requires a lot of time, money, and effort, all of which you can save if you invest in replacement windows by Conner Exteriors. New technology is now built in to these windows in order to best serve your needs, whether in warm or cold seasons. For your benefit, we have pulled together just a few of the many reasons why energy-efficient windows are ideal.

Glass Coating or Glazing

Certain types of glazing either conducts or reduces solar heat through windows, depending on which windows are facing the sun throughout the day. Glazing is an extremely thin layer of metal or metallic oxide that is placed on the glass of a window — virtually invisible.

Heat-Conducting Frames

The way that most window frames are designed now is to allow for built-in weatherstripping and heat conduction, particularly during the winter season.

Glass Panes

Double-paned windows help keep the cold air out during the winter, and the hot air out during the summer, providing natural insulation to your home without the use of expensive heating or air conditioning systems.

Also note: In order to make your windows even more efficient, be sure to utilize blinds and curtains to their fullest extent. Open the blinds during the day and close them at night to keep the cold air out and the sunshine in.

Not only are these windows high-tech, but they provide valuable cost savings as well! By replacing old, drafty windows you’ll quickly begin to notice a warmer home AND lower energy bills. According to Energy Star, energy-efficient windows can save you up to $446 per year on single-pane windows, and up to $59 per year on double-pane (depending on the previous windows and the overall efficiency of your home). Bottom line, the windows essentially pay for themselves. Be sure to do your research to find out what window replacements are best for your home.

Wondering how much you could benefit from energy-efficient windows? Call us today for a complimentary consultation!