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Lakeland Glass Enclosures

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Rejuvenate Your Home & Lifestyle…
…With A Custom Built Glass Enclosures!

Glass Enclosures LakelandTurn that unused patio or broken down deck into a year-round room that everyone can enjoy. Glass enclosures brighten the interior and add a greater amount of usable living space to your home.

Surround yourself with beauty, any time of day or night, in a room that transforms wasted space into a visual wonderland.

Imagine having a special place to enjoy your coffee in the morning and a tranquil sunset in the evenings. Or a place to dazzle and entertain your family and guests. Create a private retreat for yourself where you can read a book or just wind down from a busy day.

Glass Enclosures Lakeland – Beauty Inside and Out

Light pours in creating a warm and bright environment where kids and adults can work and play. Our sun rooms and enclosures are designed to match your homes existing decor. With a personally designed and installed enclosure from Conner, we think you’ll soon call it: “My Favorite Room in The House!”

Our enclosures also do wonders for the aesthetic appeal of your home, adding dramatic angles and heights to otherwise dull exteriors. Choose from contemporary or traditional room designs. We guarantee your glass enclosure will look as beautiful from the outside as it does from indoors. We’ve been creating special places for homeowners for over 35 years.

Quality installation is key, no matter which enclosure design you choose. We install only the finest materials available. Our well-trained installers will build your room to your exact specifications to make the space uniquely yours. Contact us today about adding a spectacular glass enclosure addition to your home. You and your family will enjoy your new Favorite Room for years to come.

Visit our gallery of glass enclosures to see our past work and generate ideas for your favorite room!

Glass Enclosures Benefits:

[ul float=”none” color=”none”]
[li icon=”icon-pencil-1″ color=”#91081b”] Expand your living space in just a few days at a fraction of the cost of traditional construction.[/li]
[li icon=”icon-pencil-1″ color=”#91081b”] Open up your home to the outdoors.[/li]
[li icon=”icon-pencil-1″ color=”#91081b”] Usable year-round, cool & heat or open as a screen room on pleasant days.[/li]
[li icon=”icon-pencil-1″ color=”#91081b”] Adds value to your home.[/li]
[li icon=”icon-pencil-1″ color=”#91081b”] Great for entertaining.[/li]
[li icon=”icon-pencil-1″ color=”#91081b”] Personal Zen place – great for your well-being.[/li]
Lakeland Glass Enclosures
Glass Enclosures Lakeland

Glass Enclosures Features:

[ul float=”none” color=”none”][li icon=”icon-pencil-1″ color=”#91081b”] Energy efficient insulated glass & walls.[/li]
[li icon=”icon-pencil-1″ color=”#91081b”] Maintenance-free aluminum & vinyl construction.[/li]
[li icon=”icon-pencil-1″ color=”#91081b”] Many styles and finishes to complement your home.[/li]
[li icon=”icon-pencil-1″ color=”#91081b”] Maximum view and light.[/li]

Glass Enclosures Uses:

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[li icon=”icon-pencil-1″ color=”#91081b”] Entertaining family & guests.[/li]
[li icon=”icon-pencil-1″ color=”#91081b”] Private retreat for relaxing & unwinding.[/li]
[li icon=”icon-pencil-1″ color=”#91081b”] Air-conditioned living space.[/li]
[li icon=”icon-pencil-1″ color=”#91081b”] Home office.[/li]
[li icon=”icon-pencil-1″ color=”#91081b”] Game room.[/li]
[li icon=”icon-pencil-1″ color=”#91081b”] Garden room.[/li]

Lakeland Glass Enclosures

Designing Unique Spaces for Over 35 Years:
Interested in adding a great looking addition to your home? Give us a call at (863) 647-1561 to request a FREE, no obligation quote.

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