Replacement Doors

Hurricane Preparation: Is it Time for Replacement Doors in Your Home?

We are right in the middle of Florida’s hurricane season, which runs from June to November. If you are like most local homeowners, preparing for Hurricane Irma forced you to take a good, honest look at the exterior doors and windows of your home. Windows are an obvious vulnerability, but doors are an often-overlooked component of storm preparation. If your doors have not been replaced in a while, they likely have weaknesses that could impact their ability to protect the interior of your home from severe weather.

Cracks, warped wood, inadequate seals, and/or damage to the frame can mean it is time for replacement doors. Let’s take a closer look at each of these critical door issues.


The main entry door is one of the most used entrances of your home. That means it is likely slammed, kicked, and damaged without a second thought. All of these things eventually take a toll on the integrity of the door and can cause cracks to form. Entry doors are also one of the home’s primary defenses against severe weather. In addition to exposing your home to rain and debris, cracks can contribute to air leakage and significant energy loss in your home. Some smaller cracks can be repaired, but large or deep cracks indicate it is likely time for replacement doors.

Warped Wood

Unfortunately, because exterior doors are exposed to weather and daily usage, they often show their age prematurely. Older doors are typically made from wood, which can warp over time. Warped doors do not open and close correctly. Not only is this annoying and unsafe, but it also exposes the home to rain, debris, and wind. If you noticed warping during your pre-hurricane inspection, it’s time for replacement doors. We all love traditional wooden doors, but they are vulnerable to elements such as the hot Florida sun, humidity, and rain. While wood remains a very popular choice of replacement doors, homeowners now have innovative alternatives such as fiberglass, steel, or a combination of these materials. In addition to storm protection, each material has a different insulation value and energy efficiency rating. Take a look at HGTV’s front door inspiration gallery for stunning design ideas.

Inadequate Door Seals

A door should keep rain, dust, debris, and wind outside while keeping cool air and/or heat inside. A door seal is a big part of making this possible because it creates an airtight seal when the door is closed. Proper seals are essential when high winds and heavy rain are expected. Over time, seals and weatherstripping can wear down and must be replaced. Sometimes it’s easy to recognize a problem with your door’s seal by identifying light, rain, or air coming through. However, other times it’s a small leak that can be difficult to find. Installing replacement doors in your home as part of hurricane preparation will ensure that your seals are suitable and ready to keep the weather outside.

Frame Damage

Frames provide support for a door, so damage can be a big issue – especially when you’re preparing for a hurricane with potential high winds and severe rain. Houses settle over time, causing doors to move out of alignment with the frame. This problem is typically easy to identify because the door will stick, jam, or squeak when it is opened and closed. Frame damage such as cracks and splits can happen easily, especially during moving. Another common frame problem is rotting wood. Frame damage repair is often put off, but the problems can quickly become worse and cause a significant repair later. Our advice is to stay ahead of costly repairs and consider replacement doors for your home.

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