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Keep the Heat in with Windows and Doors

We all know how tough it can be to keep your home warm in the wintertime, not to mention the expense! There are a few key things to note in order to keep the heat in with windows and doors, etc., while keeping the costs down.


First, be sure that your windows and doors have NO visible openings. Any light coming through or around any edge or hole requires immediate attention. The process of covering these openings is called weatherstripping and is required by most building codes. Conner Windows and Doors addresses these issues straight on, recognizing from the beginning what is necessary to provide thermal insulation in a home, and using the latest tools and technologies to accomplish the task.

Floor Insulation

Often there is not enough insulation in your floors between the ground, foundation, and the floor surface, causing heat to escape or cold air to seep in. This would most likely require a remodel/or reflooring project to resolve the issue.

Wall and Roof Insulation

The same applies to walls and roofs: if there is not enough insulation between the outer and inner walls, or outer roofing and loft cavity, it is all too easy for cold air to creep its way through. It is crucial that you check for any gaps in the walls or roof, which can be done by looking for any areas that do NOT have frost on the exterior of your home. Rectifying the issue would also require some level of installation or remodeling, but it can be done very efficiently and easily if performed by the right company. Conner can provide all the necessary tools and expertise in order to get the job done right, so your home can be kept warm and cozy throughout the winter season.

Double-Glazed Windows

Another option for heat insulation is installing double-glazed windows. These windows have an extra layer of glass as well as inert gas sealed between the layers. This provides twice the insulation compared to basic glass windows. Double-glazed windows are stronger, more durable, prevent condensation thereby keeping out moisture, and act as an added sound insulator. Overall, they reduce the flow of heat and keep the heat inside your home.

Choosing Conner

Insulating your home is an important, crucial step to take when treading through the winter months, one to not take blindly. To keep the heat in with windows and doors, Conner can provide all of the necessary expertise, tools, technologies, man-power, and experience. We will ensure your warmth and safety, guaranteeing a beautiful, polished result. Contact Conner today for more information or to schedule a free consultation.