Screen Rooms

Enjoy the Outdoors Year-Round With Porch Screen Rooms

Many of us love spending our Florida evenings outdoors, but we don’t enjoy the company of insects or the chance of a rainstorm. Conner has a great solution to this dilemma: screen rooms. Screen rooms have become a way of life in Florida because they allow homeowners to use their outdoor spaces year-round. Why not convert the open deck or patio that you never use into a beautiful screened porch? The experts at Conner have many creative ideas for designing and building the perfect screen room for your home. Take a moment to look through our gallery of custom enclosures to see how screen rooms can transform the outdoor areas of your home.

Can you picture yourself sitting on a screened porch sipping your morning coffee or tea, relaxing with your family after a long day, or entertaining guests? We hope so, but if you need a bit more convincing, let’s review some of the top reasons to have a screen room in your home.

Refuge From Bugs

Arguably the best reason to add a screened porch to your Lakeland, Florida, home is to keep the bugs out. Imagine spending an evening outdoors enjoying your family and friends without being bombarded by mosquitos, flies, or other insects. Screen rooms will allow you to do this! A screened porch is a cooler and bug-free way to enjoy the outdoors. 

Make Your Dream a Reality

Having a screened porch is a dream of many homeowners. For some, it’s nostalgic of childhood; and for others, it’s simply a love of being outdoors. In fact, we know people who purchased their homes because of the screened porch. Just about anyone who has one will admit his or her love for screen rooms. Conner can help you turn this dream into reality.

Add Value to Your Home

Adding a screened porch—or updating an existing deck or patio—is one of our most popular ways to add value to your home. It’s a cost-effective way to maximize your existing space, and as we know, adding livable square footage typically increases the value. A screened porch can give the home character while improving the overall design and curb appeal. According to REALTOR® Magazine, the functionality and growing popularity of screened porches can make a home easier to sell. 

Enjoy the Outdoors, Even in the Rain

Screen rooms are wonderful because, rain or shine, you can enjoy your outdoor space. You won’t have to cancel Saturday’s barbecue because of the rain, and your guests will still be comfortable outdoors despite the weather. Screen rooms can be very relaxing areas because the air easily circulates, especially if you add an outdoor ceiling fan. Even when there’s no chance of rain, screens are useful because they help block the sun’s damaging rays and keep your porch cooler. It’s a nice place for your pets to relax, too.

Versatile Outdoor Space

A screened porch is a comfortable space for lounging because it allows you to have an outdoor living space with an indoor look and feel. It is a highly versatile space, so you should decide how you want to use it before you begin the design process. Most of our customers use screen rooms as additional entertaining space for guests or as an outdoor living room to enjoy coffee in the mornings, eat meals, and spend time with family. You can also use it as office space or an exercise room. A quick search on Pinterest will return thousands of lovely screened porch ideas. Adding amenities such as a grill, swing, soft lighting, outdoor ceiling fans, outdoor speakers, or a TV will help make the space more pleasant. Unique and personalized touches can really transform the porch into somewhere you want to spend countless hours.

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Screen rooms can be a wonderful addition to your home. Let the experts at Conner add the screened porch you’ve always dreamed of. Our experts will give you fresh ideas and guide you through the process. We have served Lakeland homeowners since 1979 and provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call us at 863.647.1561 to schedule your free, no-pressure estimate today.