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Replacement Doors

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Conner is the Expert on Replacement Doors in Lakeland!

Helping our clients pick the perfect replacement doors for their home is one of Conner’s specialties. We can help you immediately increase your home’s curb appeal, safety, and energy efficiency with a simple swap of your original entry with a new and improved door. Our experts can assess your needs and help you select the perfect door for your home, whether it be your main entryway or another point of entry/exit in your home that may need updating. We take into consideration your home’s location and exposure to the elements, your security needs, and your design preference, as we walk you through the process of investing in your updated doors.

replacement doors lakeland


With Replacement Doors by Conner, Instantly Update Your Curb Appeal.

Setting your home apart with a fresh new face will not only add curb appeal, but can also increase the value of your home. A little can go a long way, and homes with added curb appeal sell faster and tend to yield higher prices. Conner Lakeland has an array of options, from traditional hardwood doors, to more modern metal ones. We can help you achieve the look you want, while keeping in mind maintenance and longevity. For example, we may advise you to consider one of our fiberglass doors if the location of the door is exposed to Florida’s wet weather conditions. Fiberglass doors have the elegant look of woodgrain, but are made of material that can withstand the test of time and resist warping. Our team can talk you through your wish list, and help you make your door design dreams a reality!

Replacing Your Doors Enhance Your Homes Security. Stay Safe.

A home’s door is it’s first defense against intruders. Each entry point to your home should be protected with a strong door, and we encourage you to examine each of your doors for warping or weakening. New, strong replacement doors will give you priceless peace of mind. We will consult with you about your security needs and make recommendations to help you keep your family safe.

Did You Know: For the last four years, replacement doors have ranked as the #1 home-improvement task that provides a 100% return or more on the cost of the improvement when it comes to resale value. Ready to call Conner yet?

replacement doors lakeland


Save Money & Energy by Replacing the Doors in Your Home.

A door that is not tightly sealed allows energy to escape, and can lead to higher air and energy costs. Many of our replacement doors are made to maximize thermal insulation and use the latest technology in weatherstripping. We recommend that you consider all doors that lead outside when purchasing replacement doors. This includes sliding glass doors, patio doors, and doors that lead into your garage or basement. Keep in mind that all replacement doors from Conner in Lakeland come with a lifetime warranty on labor and materials.

Conner provides Lakeland homeowners with superior service. Using the latest tools and technology, our team of experts will take a look at your needs and guide you through the process of picking a new door for your home. Whether you’re planning to replace all of your entrances, or take the project door by door, we would be happy to facilitate recommendations and necessary steps for replacements.

If you’re considering replacement doors for your home, we would be delighted to serve as your door replacement expert. Give us a call today for a FREE estimate at (863) 647-1561 and one of our home improvement experts will be happy to assist you in determining what the best option is for you and your home. If you’re looking for an experienced and reputable home improvement company, remember that Conner has been serving the polk county area since 1979 and our experience sets us high above our competition.

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