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Four Design Trends for Your Replacement Windows, Lakeland

If you’re like us and enjoy watching home improvement shows on HGTV, you have surely noticed that windows can make a huge difference in a home’s appearance, energy efficiency, and value. Shows such as Fixer Upper and Rehab Addict frequently discuss the importance of windows, and we couldn’t agree more. As homeowners, we would love our windows to last forever, but in order to protect the home’s structure and our investment, it’s important to replace them. The replacement process may seem daunting, but choosing a design and new windows can also be fun!

Let’s review four replacement window design trends we have been seeing lately. You can also take a look at our replacement windows Lakeland portfolio for more inspiration.

Trend 1: Wall of Windows Above the Kitchen Sink

A trend that has stood out to us is a wall of windows above the kitchen sink. The wall of windows is not necessarily a new trend, but it’s one we have been seeing more often in kitchens. This idea adds a lot of natural light and ventilation, two important elements for a kitchen. Additionally, if you have a beautiful view above your kitchen sink, it might be the perfect replacement window design for you. We can work together to determine the best type or combination of windows for your space.

Trend 2: Floor-to-Ceiling Picture Windows in the Living Room

Floor-to-ceiling picture windows are a trend we love for Lakeland homes. This type of window will add maximum natural light to your living room, showcase your view, and make the room feel luxurious. Picture windows are large but do not open. These replacement windows, Lakeland homeowners, create a dramatic effect and can be an impressive investment for one of the busiest rooms in your home. Although the windows are large, we offer many energy-efficient models that will not only cut your energy costs, but also help regulate the temperature inside the room.

Trend 3: Awning Windows in the Bathroom

For many homeowners, bathrooms have become the new home spa, with a focus on warmth and relaxation. Replacing your ordinary windows with awning windows is a design trend we like for bathrooms. Awning windows are hinged at the top and open outward. They can be installed above, below, or alongside a stationary or operating window. They provide great protection against rain while still allowing air to flow freely into the bathroom. It can transform the space into a welcoming retreat rather than just an ordinary bathroom.

Trend 4: Bay Window in the Master Bedroom

A great way to add depth and brightness to your master bedroom is by installing a bay replacement window, Lakeland homeowners. A bay window can give you more interior space because it protrudes out from the exterior of the home. It is a combination of three windows — a stationary window at the center with your choice of venting windows on either side, most commonly double-hung or casement. You can use this space for additional seating or to showcase plants and other decorative items. This beautiful window design trend can add resale value to your home.

Let’s Design Your Replacement Windows, Lakeland

Do you want trendy, modern windows or a classic, timeless look? The experts at Conner will help you create a beautiful and functional concept for replacement windows that fits your vision and budget. We stand by our work and provide a lifetime labor and material warranty with all of our window installations and replacements. Are you ready for replacement windows, Lakeland? Call us at 863.647.1561 to schedule your free, no-pressure estimate today.