CO Blog Reasons To Invest In New Doors For Your Home

Security Replacement Doors in Lakeland FL

While new windows tend to be at the top of the list when it comes to updating your home, replacement doors are just as important and worth considering. A new door sets the tone for your home to your guests, provides a line of defense against intruders, and ensures that your home’s energy efficiency doesn’t drift into the wind. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of replacement doors.

Replacement Doors Create Curb Appeal

Security Replacement doors enhance the entryway to your home. New doors are a great way to refresh the exterior of your home, and you can easily upgrade your home’s decor by picking a style that suits your taste. Setting your home apart with a fresh new look not only adds curb appeal, but can also increase the value of your home. Homes with added curb appeal sell faster and tend to yield higher prices.

Did You Know: For the last four years, replacement doors have ranked as the #1 home-improvement task that provides a 100% return or more on the cost of the improvement when it comes to resale value. That fact alone should be incentive to get those ugly doors replaced fast!

Replacement Doors Enhance Security

A home’s door is its first defense against intruders. While it may seem like the lock is the most important security feature, the type of door and frame are equally important. Hollow-core doors are appropriate only for interior use as they can be easily kicked in. Your front door should be made of solid wood, steel, or fiberglass. Hardwood is most popular, while steel can be a bit more affordable, and fiberglass is ideal for Florida homes as it resists rot and rust. The frame must be just as strong as the door. A weak jamb invites intruders to enter with a few forceful kicks. Conner in Lakeland takes all of these security factors into consideration when recommending replacement doors for your home.

Replacement Doors Increase Energy Efficiency

Drafty doors are not just a nuisance. Over time, exposure to the elements can cause wooden doors to warp, breaking the seal between the door and the frame. A door that is not tightly sealed allows energy to escape, and can lead to higher cooling and heating costs. Many replacement doors are made to maximize thermal insulation and use the latest technology in weatherstripping. Keep in mind that a steel or fiberglass door won’t warp and may be more energy efficient. Energy efficiency extends beyond your primary entryway; consider all doors that lead outside when purchasing replacement doors. This includes sliding glass doors, patio doors, and doors that lead into your garage. All replacement doors from Conner in Lakeland come with a lifetime warranty on labor and materials.

Since 1979, Conner Windows & Doors has been a fixture in the home-improvement arena in Lakeland, Florida. Conner provides Lakeland homeowners with superior service, and we are committed to treating others as we would like to be treated ourselves. Using the latest tools and technology, our team of experts will take a look at your needs and guide you through the process of selecting a new door for your home. Whether you’re planning to replace all of your entrances, or take the project door by door, we will be happy to facilitate recommendations and necessary steps for replacements.

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