Three Reasons Sunrooms Transform A Home

At Conner, we have the perfect solution for summer. We’ve custom-built countless sunrooms for our clients, and they will attest that adding on a sunroom is a worthy investment.  

The average temperature in Florida is 80°F, which means summer temperatures can top out at over 100 degrees. When soaring temps are combined with Florida’s legendary humidity levels, residents resort to passing their time in the great (and cooler!) indoors.

But wouldn’t it be nice to be able to enjoy the best of both worlds by soaking in the sunshine while managing to avoid the extreme heat?

Here, we’re highlighting three amazing benefits of adding a sunroom to your home this summer:

1.Combat Seasonal Issues

We all know that Florida weather can turn on a dime. Just when you think it’s going to be a bright and sunny day, the clouds move in and outdoor plans are quickly wiped out.

While rainy days may require a change in plans, the wet weather can provide an opportunity for a relaxing retreat for those who have sunrooms. As we’ve mentioned, sunrooms offer the best of both worlds. You are protected from outside weather conditions, but you also get a better view of nature.

For gardening enthusiasts, a sunroom can also provide the solution to your climate-related woes. A sunroom gives you the opportunity to keep your plants alive and thriving during any season. Bear in mind that not every plant can thrive in a sunroom, but rest assured that there are a variety of plants that can grow heartily in a sunroom environment.

2. Extra Space in Your Home

Do you ever feel like you’re running out of space in your home? A sunroom not only transforms the look of your home, but it also gives you extra space for leisurely living.

Imagine it. You can now host dinner parties in a new location, spend time with loved ones in a second living space, or even a give yourself the perfect little nook in your house filled with sunshine. Come on, we know you are dreaming about drinking your coffee here. Plus, your sunroom can be custom-designed and built to meet your needs.

3. Add Value to Your Home

A Conner sunroom is a substantial investment in your comfort, living space, and the overall value of your home. It’s one of those investments that you can trust will pay for itself in the future.

With a variety of styles to choose from, this new space will increase the square footage of your house and also update your home’s existing layout — often with lower costs than what it would take to fully finish a standard room.

Conner sunrooms are built with the finest materials available and installed by experts who have been working on homes for over 35 years. The Conner team will provide you with recommendations that will increase your house’s value and curb appeal.

Why are you waiting to start this renovation? Summertime is the perfect time to bring the beauty of the outdoors into your home with a custom-built sunroom!

The experts at Conner are ready to guide you through the process of designing a beautiful, custom sunroom that will turn your home into a visual wonderland. Call us now at (863) 647-1561 for a complimentary consultation.