Swimming Pool Enclosures by Conner

Swimming Pool Enclosures Lakeland FL

Florida tops the list for the number of homes with swimming pools. With summer temps creeping toward triple digits, it’s no surprise that having a pool is high on the list for Florida home buyers. Although the benefit is that swimming pools can be used almost year-round in Florida, pools do require proper maintenance or they can become quite costly. Installing a swimming pool enclosure is an easy way to help preserve the pool, and cut down on the hours needed to keep the water sparkling.

What is a Swimming Pool Enclosure

A swimming pool enclosure can be elaborate and include a pool house or a glass enclosure with a retractable roof! More commonly though, a swimming pool enclosure is a metal and screen structure that encloses your pool to protect it from bugs, leaves, heat, and debris.

Keep It Clean

Swimming pool enclosures allow homeowners to spend more time enjoying the pool, and less time cleaning the pool. The screen enclosure will protect the pool from falling leaves, dirt, dust, and branches that are blown about by summer storms. It’s imperative that this debris stays out of the swimming pool, so that it doesn’t cause costly damage to the filtration system.

Keep It Cool

A swimming pool enclosure will keep your pool deck cool and more enjoyable during the hot summer months. Although the screen will allow the light and warmth to shine through, it will also provide shade from the intense summer sun. Certain enclosures even have the ability to block a percentage of harmful UV rays, which can help protect your family from skin damage.

Keep It Safe

Along with the beauty of long days and warm nights, summer also brings out the mosquitos. Mosquitos can carry potentially dangerous diseases, and they are out in full force as the sun sets during the summer. A swimming pool enclosure allows you to utilize your pool without having to worry about mosquitos and other bugs.

If you are ready to protect your pool form debris, harmful UV rays, and pesky insects reach out to Conner for a complimentary consultation. Visit our website to find out what we offer, and how we can help you enjoy your outdoor space this summer!