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The Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Windows and Doors This Fall

Are you looking for a home improvement project to do this fall? We have a great idea that will add value to your home and make an immediate impact on its exterior – upgrade your windows and doors this Fall. At Conner, we have a wide selection of windows and doors that will complement any style of home. We can help you achieve the look that you want while taking into consideration longevity and maintenance.

Replacement windows and doors offer many significant benefits. Here are the top five reasons to upgrade your windows and doors this fall:

Lower Energy Costs

Are your windows and doors tightly sealed? If you have noticed air coming in from the seams of the window or doors, there’s a good chance you’re wasting energy (and money) on regulating your home’s temperature. Adding new energy-efficient windows and doors will help keep your home at a comfortable temperature, which can drastically cut air conditioning and heating costs by as much as 25%. This is especially true with older homes that have single-pane windows or doors without proper insulation and weatherstripping.

Improve Curb Appeal

By replacing windows and doors, you can drastically improve the curb appeal of your house. Being happy with your home’s appearance is important, and new doors and windows can completely transform it. Additionally, if you are thinking about selling your home in the future, home buyers are increasingly interested in energy-efficient windows and doors. With energy costs continuing to rise, these upgrades can help separate your home from others on the market. 

Improve Security

If your doors and windows are old, you should consider upgrading them for security reasons. Weak locks, warped wood, or improper seals can be easily pried open, putting your home at risk for a break-in. New strong doors and windows will provide peace of mind for you and your family.

Reduce Ultraviolet Heat and Damage

Did you know that when the sun’s UV rays enter your home, it fades furniture, upholstery, walls, flooring, and artwork? Many of our windows provide protection from the sun by eliminating up to 84% of UV heat and damage and can preserve your home décor.

Noise Reduction

Soundproofing is another great reason to upgrade your windows. If your windows and doors are closed, but you can still hear noises outside, they’re not providing the best level of acoustic insulation. This is also true for noises inside your home. Upgraded windows and doors mean that you can play loud music without disturbing your neighbors.

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