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Window Contractor Lakeland FL

Many homeowners start the new year with a long list of home-improvement projects. Since your house is often your greatest investment, it’s imperative that you invest in maintenance projects to preserve the value of your home. Replacing your windows is a simple change that has a big impact. With guidance from the right window contractor in Lakeland, homeowners can vastly improve the look and function of their home with a simple swap of their existing windows. Check out these three advantages to replacing your home’s windows.

Create a Comfortable and Safe Living Space

Over time, the seal around a window can break down. Old windows are often single-paned, leaving the glass cool to the touch during the winter months. In addition to making the home drafty, improperly sealed windows allow water to leak into the house. This water can cause mold which can be found in the home around the window but can also lurk behind the walls. The glass in an old window may also be vulnerable to cracking or breaking. Especially during the winter months when the glass cools, it becomes brittle and more susceptible to breaking. A window contractor like Conner in Lakeland can assess the condition of your current windows and make a recommendation for replacement windows that will keep your home cozy and safe in the new year.

Enhance Energy Efficiency and Benefit From the Latest Technology

New windows are engineered to be energy efficient, which makes them environmentally friendly and capable of lowering your heating and cooling costs. In addition, new windows can reduce your peak heating and cooling load, allowing you to use a smaller HVAC unit. Many homeowners are opting to replace old, cheap, single-pane windows with double-, or even triple-paned windows. The most commonly requested replacement window is a low-e, double-paned, argon gas filled window. The dense gas protects the home from the summer heat and UV rays, as well as from the winter chill.

Boost Curb Appeal and Increase Home Value

Give your home a fresh, clean look with new windows. Many styles and functions are now available, including windows with active transoms to let in fresh air, picture windows that will properly frame your view, double-hung windows, and casement windows. All replacement windows installed by Conner come with a lifetime warranty on labor and materials. This instantly adds to your home’s value and ensures that your investment is protected. Conner has been the preferred window contractor in Lakeland since 1979. Committed to customer satisfaction and quality workmanship, the team at Conner is ready to reward you with the benefits of replacement windows! Contact Conner in Lakeland for a complimentary consultation today.