Hurricane Weather in Florida

Weatherization Homes for Hurricanes Lakeland FL

Florida is one of the most desirable vacation spots in the nation, boasting an array of enjoyable attractions, including its gorgeous beaches. However, from June to November, Florida is known for its vulnerability to hurricanes, especially from August through October. For native Floridians, putting up defenses is an annual ritual, and one that plays a massive role in their safety. An important aspect of home safety, the installation of both doors and windows during the hurricane season will play a key role in keeping your home safe and dry.

What You Are Up Against

For many, hurricanes are scary because of the extreme damage they can cause. During the hurricane season, there are often severe winds and floods, which can wreak havoc on any establishment not fully secured. Winds can easily rip through regular doors and windows, and water will immediately take advantage of the breach in security, ruining expensive floors and walls, and causing the entire structure to become unsound. To defend your home and protect it from irreversible damage, be sure to secure all entrances and openings.

The Safety Features You Need

In order to take maximum precautions in the safety and protection of your home, consider replacement doors and windows. While there are measures that can be taken that are less costly upfront, the costs of home repairs and insurance premiums after an improperly installed hurricane film or badly implemented plywood cover are destroyed by wind or water will be much more expensive in the long-term than simply investing in high-security, hurricane-specific doors and windows.


Hurricane-impact doors are specially designed to withstand the pressure of the storm as well as the elements inflicted by it. Hurricane-impact doors are designed with a steel plate on the interior and are High Velocity Hurricane Zone approved. The structural integrity of these high-security doors prevents any and all access to a home by even the most extreme of weather conditions, and they are also available in a variety of styles to suit personal taste. With the highest structural rating of any doors on the market today, hurricane-impact doors are an absolute must for keeping your home safe during hurricane season.


More vulnerable than doors, windows present holes in a home covered only by a sheet of glass. Hurricane-impact windows, however, are built with impact-resistant glass, offered in different degrees of strength. These specially designed windows are fitted with reinforced window frames formulated specifically to provide homes with the maximum level of defense against tropical storms.

During hurricane season, after the safety of you and your loved ones, your home is most important. Invest in replacing your home’s existing doors and windows with hurricane-impact doors and windows so that you can be sure your home is as safe as possible. Give us a call for a free quote today!